Some professions impacted by chatGPT

The technological advancement of today's world has upset the usual course of certain professions. The artificial developer, as represented by the ChatGPT, potentially has a greater creative capacity than a human being. As a result, it has impacted in one way or another several sectors of activity. In other words, all professions involving the creation of content are experiencing changes in the way they are exercised. You will have to discover here some main professions having been affected.

Customer service

The customer service professions are responsible for handling customer complaints and looking internally for contacts or information to provide answers. Chat GPT can be used for handling routine customer inquiries so that business members can focus on more complex or time-sensitive matters. This processing of requests is fast and accurate at all times, even outside working hours.
ChatGPT, by processing a large number of requests at a time, makes it possible to handle a large volume of traffic. The presence of agents becomes necessary only in the event that customers need personalized assistance. The purpose of using ChatGPT in customer service is to normally help and relieve men in their repetitive tasks. It should not replace humans.

Content writing and creation

ChatGPT can automatically generate several types of coherent and informative written content on different topics. It can generate a report, an academic dissertation, a simple or SEO-optimized article, produced sheets, microservices, storytelling, scripts, etc.
This results in the job of web writing, reducing the demand for writers and writers in certain areas such as writing simple articles, writing product sheets, etc. However, the importance and usefulness of human writers is always noticed, because they manage to create original, creative, impactful, captivating content and adapted to specific needs. You have to know the negative impact of this tool on web content writing. 

Translation work 

Automated translation tools have been around for quite some time. But with the ChatGPT language model, the quality of machine translations is improved. The development of artificial intelligence ChatGPT is able to automatically translate texts from one language to another, It should be noted that this system is good at translating simpler texts. So it helps translators to be quick in their work. The bad side is that this tool will block the development of these professions in many enterprises and in freelancing. 
However, human expertise seems to be useful and important despite the performance of ChatGPT. Because, during the rapid translation carried out by this automatic system, it can happen that it encounters difficulties relating to linguistic nuance and culture. Although human translators retain an advantage in terms of quality and contextual understanding, the use of machine translation can reduce the demand for basic and fast translators.
Artificial intelligences, such as the ChatGPT language model, are a very important tool that plays a complementary role to human work. However, they should not substitute man, because the unique skills and creative abilities of men remain irreplaceable in many fields of activity. Men will be able to get help in these trades thanks to ChatGPT to maximize their profit and make their time more profitable.

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