Bebo CEO wants to take on Top media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

The race to take over from top social networks have begun with Bebo taking up the challenge to displace Twitter and Facebook. The founder has said he will soon unleash new features that will compete favorably with top social platforms. 

Bebo to compete favorably with Facebook and Twitter 

 A co-founder of  Bebo social network has plans to make its social media platform better than Facebook and Twitter. He plans to focus on users' profiles and instant interactions between close friends rather than just news feeds which are where Twitter and Facebook have been known for. 

Michel Birch has said he aims to offer a '' desired break '' from the false information online networks are known for. In a highly interactive interview with BBC, he was designing his platform himself and taking '' the bull by the horn ''. 

He admits though that the task will be arduous as the odds are stacked heavily against him, but with perseverance and hard work he hopes to overcome it. The acronym of his platform '' blog early, blog often '' and it has become citizens' favorite in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Bebo CEO hopes to revive the platform to world-class soon

As of today, this website has about 45 million members. The year 2008 saw Birch and his wife selling the platform to tech giant AOL for about $860 m. However, a few years ago, AOL sold it back for a little above $1m, and they tried to make it better. They have included many features like streaming games like esports. In 2019 though, they sold it back to Amazon for $24 m, but they still have some rights to the brand.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed opened his eyes to see opportunities he could use the brand to do. Even before the desire to revamp the site, the website has always attracted about one visitor in four seconds. He prays that curiosity will be part of the factors which will attract more visitors when they finish with the design.

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