Russia Court to jail Alexei Navalny, as 200 supporters detained

As the trial of Russia's Opposition leader commences, the protest hasn't stopped in the streets of Moscow. Alexei Navalny has been charged for violating a suspended sentence in 2018, but he has denied all accusations. 

Alexei Navalny is defiant despite Kremlin charges

Putin's fierce critic, Alexei Navalny arrived in court on February 2 to face charges leveled against him by the Kremlin. He has been detained since January 15 upon his arrival at the Moscow airport from Germany. The Russian security authorities have arrested more than two hundred Navalny supporters close to the courthouse.

 Alexei Navalny has said that Kremlin charges lack merit and are unfounded. He also blamed President Vladimir Putin for his travails which include a nerve gas attack on his person. 

He said

 '' Mr. Putin will be known as a murderer and person against human rights. ''

Alexei Navalny may face Four years if convicted 

The court hearings were arranged to decide if his suspended prison sentence should be activated. Mr. Alexei Navalny may face four years if the suspended sentence is activated. His case has generated massive protests in the world, with many turning violent. 

There has been a major skirmish between citizens and police in major Russian cities. The court verdict will be given around 5 pm on wine, according to a spokesperson for the court. Security has been beefed up around the court and surrounding locations to forestall any issues. He has been accused of violating the terms stated in his suspended prison sentence which mandates him to always report regularly to the police. 

However, his legal counsel said, it is unreasonable as he has just recovered from an attack by nerve gas.  The accused said the charges are tactics used by the Russian government to intimidate the opposition, and it will not work. In a stern rebuttal, Kremlin has said it is not responsible for last year's attack on Mr. Navalny, as speculated by western media sources.

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